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Central & Eastern Eurobarometer Trend File 1990-1997

The Central and Eastern Eurobarometer 1990-1997: Trends CEEB1-8 (ZA3648) includes:

  • the eight annual waves 1990-1997 and all countries at times
  • questions which were asked at least three times with equivalent wording and answer categories with one-to-one mappable scales
  • in total 280 variables, including demographics and technical variables
  • in total almost 126.000 respondents 

The trend variables and data have been harmonised with respect to labels, values and coding schemes. Deviations in question wording across countries and time have been documented in detail, as well as country specific categories (factual references). Data download and documentation ara available via Data Catalogue.

The project was realized under the responsibility of Brigitte Hausstein (GESIS Service Agency Eastern Europe). It was based on the single wave data sets as received via the Center for European Survey Analysis and Studies (ZEUS) or from the data producers (GfK EUROPE), and as prepared by GESIS Data archive.