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Eurobarometer Data Service

Central & Eastern EB Study Profiles

The study profiles to be selected from the list below provide basic tabular information on all Central and Eastern Eurobarometer.

The study profile information is structured as follows:

Overview and archive information

  • Special topic modules
  • Participating countries and fieldwork dates
  • Errata reporting
  • Versioning and release dates

Access to documentation and data

  • Study description (including versioning/doi information and DATA DOWNLOAD)
  • Archive codebooks
  • Basic questionnaires (English)
  • Country specific field questionnaires
  • Link to data online access (GESIS search)

 Publications and resources

  • Links to primary publications (mainly official EC reports)
  • Links to web sites on related topics

The cumulative trend file Central and Eastern Eurobarometer 1990-1997: Trends CEEB 1-8 [ZA3648] integrates the complete set of trend variables across space and time.