Public Understanding of Science in Europe 1989-2005 - A Eurobarometer Trend File

The Eurobarometer Trend File "Public Understanding of Science in Europe 1989-2005" (GESIS Study ZA4669) was produced in the context of long-term research on social representations and public attitudes to science and technology by: 

  • Martin W. Bauer, London School of Economics (responsible researcher)  
  • Rajesh Shukla and Preeti Kakkar, National Council of Applied Economic Research/Institute for Human Development (IHD), New Delhi (data harmonisation, integration and documentation)

... in cooperation with the GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences.

The cumulative dataset harmonises and integrates selected long trends on public understanding of science derived from five Eurobarometer surveys:  

  • Eurobarometer 31, March-April 1989 (ZA1750)
  • Eurobarometer 38.1, November 1992 (ZA2295)
  • Eurobarometer 55.2, May-June 2001 (ZA3509)
  • Candidate Countries EB 2002.3, October-November 2002 (ZA4235)
  • Eurobarometer 63.1, January-February 2005 (ZA4233)  

The study includes 97 variables, including trends on knowledge about, engagement with and attitudes towards science and technology plus relevant demographics.

Numerous articles based on Eurobarometer data on "Science & Technlogy" issues have been published in the quarterly journal Public Understanding of Science.