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Eurobarometer Data Service

Countries, regions, population coverage

The surveys are carried out in the European Union Candidate Countries scheduled for the enlargement in 2004 and 2007, as well as in the remaining applicant country Turkey. They covered the citizens of each country, aged 15 and over, with the exception of Estonia and Latvia. In Estonia (all waves) and Latvia (CCEB 2003.3 ff.) they cover the resident population, aged 15 and over. In Cyprus only the southern part of the island, the Republic of Cyprus is covered.  


From each universe representative samples of around 1000 respondents (realised interviews) are drawn, with the exception of Malta and Cyprus with a standard sample size of 500 respondents each.

Chronological overview of countries, sample sizes, fieldwork dates & institutes, and lowest available NUTS regions in all Standard, Special and Candidate Countries EB [EXCEL file (289 kB)]

  Standard Sample Size Enlargement Date
Bulgaria 1000 01.01.2007
Cyprus 500 01.05.2004
Czech Republic 1000 01.05.2004
Estonia 1000 01.05.2004
Hungary 1000 01.05.2004
Latvia 1000 01.05.2004
Lithuania 1000 01.05.2004
Malta 500 01.05.2004
Poland 1000 01.05.2004
Romania 1000 01.01.2007
Slovakia 1000 01.05.2004
Slovenia 1000 01.05.2004
Turkey 1000 not yet decided

Starting with Eurobarometer 62 (2004) all Candidate Countries at times are included in the Standard Eurobarometer waves.