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Regional Identity

People may feel different degrees of attachment to their town or village, to their region, to their country, [Eurobarometer 36: to the European Community; Eurobarometer 43.1bis: to the European Union] or to Europe [as a whole].
Please tell me how attached you feel to ...?

Starting with Eurobarometer 82.3

Please tell me how attached you feel to ...? Your city/town/village - (OUR COUNTRY) - The European Union - Europe

  1. very attached 
  2. fairly attached 
  3. not very attached 
  4. not at all attached
ZA Study NumberEurobarometerFieldwork MonthFieldwork YearQuestion NumberVariable Name (1)
0627ECS7171971Q.1 (2)V6-V7
0628ECS739-101973Q.40/Q.41 (2)V34-V35
308650.111-121998Q.57 (2) 
364057.24-62002Q.25_1-5 (3) 
393860.110-112003Q.46 a-d 
3986CCEB2003.410-112003Q.11 a-d 
422962.010-112004Q.47 a-d 
450665.23-52006QA35 (4) 
452967.12-32007QA14 (5) 
453067.24-52007QA33 (6) 
456568.19-112007QA10 (6)  
497371.36-72009QE4 (7) 
523373.33-42010QB13 (8) 
561277.352012QD2 (6) 
587680.1112013QD2 (6) 
659684.192015QP19 (9) 

(1) Please note that the variable names refer to the final ICPSR/ZA codebook editions, if available. 

(2) Different question: To which of these areas (ECS73: the following geographical groups) do you feel you belong most strongly (ECS73: would you say that you belong to first)? And which next? ECS71: city/locality, department, region, country, Europe, other; ECS73: locality/town where you live, region/county where you live, [COUNTRY] as a whole, Europe, world as a whole; EB 50.1: city/town/village, region, country, Europe, whole world.

(3) Different question: I would like you to tell me how close you feel to the following groups of people. 1. The inhabitants of the the city or village where you live/have lived most of your life; 2. The inhabitants of the region where you life; 3. Fellow (Nationality); 4. European Union citizens; 5. Fellow Europeans; ... (very close - quite close - not very close - not at all close).

(4) Item 4 split: ... how attached you feel to ... (SPLIT A:) Europe ... (SPLIT B:) European Union

(5) Five items in accordance with Eurobarometer 50.1: Please tell me how attached you feel to a) your village, town or city; b) to your region; c ) to your country; d) to Europe or e) to the world.

(6) Three items:  a) city/town/village; b) OUR COUNTRY (TCC: our community); c) European Union 

(7) Modified items and question based on the one listed under (5): "to what extent do you personally feel you are..."

(8) Replicating items asked in EB 68.1 (QA10) and 67.1 (QA14). Some items are splitted and/or modified.

(9) Four items: a) Your city/town/village; b) Your region; c) OUR COUNTRY; d) The European Union