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Central & Eastern Eurobarometer 3    October-November 1992     ZA No. 2321

Political Disintegration

Special Topics:

  • Evaluation of the economic and democratic reforms, including human rights and freedom of the press
  • Perception of Europe and the European Community and its role in Eastern Europe
  • Trust in domestic and foreign media, including use of foreign radio broadcasting

Documents and Data:

  • ZACAT online access to complete documentation and data


  • Original data set and documentation supplied by ZEUS (Center for European Survey Analysis and Studies at the University of Mannheim)
  • Last updated archive edition as of April 5, 2004
  • Errata  


  • Commission of the European Communities: Central and Eastern Eurobarometer 3. Public Opinion about the European Community. Eighteen Countries Survey - Autumn 1992. Brussels, February 1993. 


Sample size

Fieldwork datesField-Questionnaires
Albania104901 Nov 92 - 11 Nov 92AL (English version)
Macedonia/FYROM(1)01 Nov 92 - 08 Nov 92MK (English version)
Slovenia106307 Nov 92 - 17 Nov 92SI (English version)
Bulgaria131231 Oct 92 - 09 Nov 92BG (English version)
Romania100007 Nov 92 - 13 Nov 92RO (English version)
Hungary100030 Oct 92 - 10 Nov 92HU (English version)
Czech Republic92401 Nov 92 - 16 Nov 92CZ
Slovakia73401 Nov 92 - 16 Nov 92SK
Poland99913 Nov 92 - 17 Nov 92PL (English version)
Greater Moscow---
European USSR---
European Russia100001 Nov 92 - 15 Nov 92RU (English version)
Russian Federation---
Armenia91802 Nov 92 - 16 Nov 92AM (English version)
Georgia103802 Nov 92 - 15 Nov 92GE (English version)
Moldova100030 Oct 92 - 14 Nov 92MD (English version)
Belarus103004 Nov 92 - 13 Nov 92BY (English version)
Ukraine140031 Oct 92 - 15 Nov 92UA (English version)
Estonia100001 Nov 92 - 15 Nov 92EE (English version)
Latvia100005 Nov 92 - 15 Nov 92LV (English version)
Lithuania100001 Nov 92 - 11 Nov 92LT (English version)
Yugoslavia (Serbia/Montenegro)---
Questionnaire Copyright and Acknowledgements

(1) no data available


  • The COUNTRY WEIGHT (V280) is not available for all countries and for some it excludes a large number of respondents from calculation (weighting factor = 0). The user is recommended not to weight data for CEEB 3 (wave id V6) or at least carefully compare analysis results for weighted and unweighted data.
    The results as published in the official CEEB 3 report are based on weighted data; for selected variables the reproduction of these tables when using COUNTRY WEIGHT (V280) has been proofed. It can not be located if the weighting factor as received by ZA was damaged at an earlier processing stage (e.g. by erroneous variable format definitions) . Please notice that weighted results at least for active variables (e.g. EDUC) considerably differ from unweighted results.

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