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Eurobarometer 58.0     September-October 2002     ZA No.  3692

Services of General Interest, New Technologies, ICT, Health, Environment, and Public Safety

Special Topics:

  • Services of general interest (telephone, electricity, gas, water, post, transport) 
  • New technologies: attitudes towards biotechnology (including genetic engineering)  
  • Information and communication technologies: computer / Internet usage and teleworking 
  • Sources of  information about health (including Internet) 
  • Concern about environmental pollution, attitudes towards environment protection, and information on environment topics 
  • Public safety issues (including attitudes towards crime and crime prevention)  

Documents and Data:


  • Original data set edition provided by EORG
  • No standard trend questions
  • Swiss data on the 'Biotechnology' module are available in the framework of EBCH 2002 (online access to integrated datasets EU+Switzerland via FORS online data catalogue).
  • Candidate Countries data on the 'Services of general interest' module are available in the context of Candidate Countries Eurobarometer 2003.3 (ZA3984).  
  • Current archive dataset version / update: v1.0.1 (2012)


  • Eurobarometre 58 - Edition Speciale: L'opinion des consommateurs sur les services d'interet general. Rapport rédigé par The European Opinion Research Group (EORG) pour la Commission européenne, Direction Générale "Santé et Protection des Consommateurs".

  • European Commission, Directorate-General Health and Consumer Protection: European Consumers and services of general interest. Brussel, December 2003. (Qualitative study)

  • Eurobarometer 58.0: The attitudes of Europeans towards the envorinment. Written by: The European Opinion Research Group (EORG) for Directorate General Environment. December 2002.
  • Gaskell, George; Allum, Nick; Stares, Sally: Europeans and Biotechnology in 2002. Eurobarometer 58.0. A report to the EC Directorate General for Research from the project 'Life Sciences in European Society'. March 21st 2003 (2nd edition).

  • George Gaskell, Toby Ten Eyck, Jonathan Jackson and Giuseppe Veltri: Europe and the United States. Imagining nanotechnology: cultural support for technological innovation. In Public Understanding of Science 2005 14: 81.

  • Spadaro, Rosario (The European Opinion Research Group): Eurobarometer 58.0. European Union citizens and sources of information about health. Written for Directorate General SANCO. March 2003. 

  • European Opinion Research Group (EORG): Public Safety, Exposure to Drug-related Problems and Crime, Public Opinion Survey. Report prepared for the European Commission. Brussels, May 2003.

  • Jörg Dittmann: Kriminalitätsfurcht sinkt in Deutschland entgegen dem EU-Trend. Zur Wahrnehmung und Bewertung der Kriminalität. In: Informationsdienst Soziale Indikatoren (ZUMA Publikation), Ausgabe 34, Juli 2005 (ISI 34), p. 6-9.
  • Spadaro, Rosario (The European Opinion Research Group): Eurobarometer 58.0. Les européens et les technologies de l'infiormation et de la communication dans le cadre de l'emploi. Gere et organise par La Direction Générale Presse et Communication- secteur Opinion Publique. Automne 2002.