Eurobarometer Data Service

Eurobarometer 86.2   November 2016     ZA No. 6788

Special Topics:

  • Standard EU and trend questions (QA)
  • The Europe 2020 strategy and policy priorities (QB)
  • The financial and economic crisis and related EU policies (QC)
  • European citizenship (QD)
  • Media use and political information (QE)

Documents and Data:


  • Original data set and documentation supplied by TNS opinion
  • All question modules in the standard Eurobarometer context and largely replicating questions asked in the context of Eurobarometer 85.2 [ZA6694] or 84.3 [ZA6643].
  • Current dataset version: archive pre-release, v1.4.0 as of 2019-06-27,  doi:10.4232/1.13313


  • European Commission:
    Standard Eurobarometer 86. Public Opinion in the European Union. Survey requested by the European Commission, requested and co-ordinated by Directorate-General for Communication (DG COMM Unit 'Strategic Communication').