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The GE ACADEMY Final event

Ort: online
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Abstract: "Horizon Europe sets gender equality as a cross-cutting principle and aims to eliminate gender inequality and intersecting socioeconomic inequalities throughout research and innovation (R&I) systems, including by addressing unconscious bias and systemic structural barriers. 

GE ACADEMY throughout the past three years has worked extensively with the main goal to fight gender inequalities in the R&I ecosystem. Through this final online event, we aim at presenting our project results as well as promoting our business model after the project’s lifetime for meeting further our goal. 

In particular, we will discuss the opportunities created for relevant stakeholders by the delivery of high-quality Gender Equality training sessions in line with the objectives set by Horizon Europe and raise awareness on the need for Gender Equality training in public bodies, research organisations and higher education establishments given the current policy context.

Finally, we wish to hear your thoughts in case you participated in one or more Gender Equality training(s) organized by the GE ACADEMY. Please use your favourite social media account and tell us how we enabled your #GenderCapacityBuilding and spread the word about the knowledge gained via your participation in our Gender Equality training sessions!"

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