Kompetenzzentrum Frauen in Wissenschaft und Forschung

Futures of Feminist and Queer Solidarities: Connectivity, Materiality, and Mobility in a Digitalized World

Zeitraum: 30.09.20 - 02.10.20

Ort: online

International Online Conference

What is the future of feminist and queer solidarities? Does it lie in digitalized transnational encounters or community-based small-scale local practices? Can solidarity, as a transformative kind of connectivity, open up a possibility of the ‘not yet’? What new inequalities and tensions occur through digitalization of solidarities in feminist, queer and environmental struggles? How can de-growth be conceptualized as a form of solidarity in the context of feminist, indigenous and queer of colour critiques of dispossession, extraction and dislocation? 

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