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Metadata for Official Statistics

Analysis examples

  • Generation of a serial household number [.pdf]
  • Generation of a serial number for the person in the household [.pdf]
  • Nationality of the household reference person[.pdf]
  • Number of children under 18 years of age in the family [.pdf]
  • Age of the youngest child in the consensual union [.pdf]
  • Differentiation between person- and household level [.pdf]
  • Calculation of the equivalised income [.pdf]
  • Educational participation by social background [.pdf]
  • Extent of employment (full-time and part-time employment) by sex [.pdf]
  • Working across data sets and the handling of Jahresüberhänge (i.e., households who should have been interviewed in the previous year but who were not interviewed until the following year using the previous year’s questionnaire) [.pdf]
  • Transition to single parenthood by sex [.pdf]