20 Years Of CEWS

20 Years Of Research, Consulting, Networking And Services

In 2020, CEWS celebrated its 20th anniversary. Here you will find some information on the activities regarding this event. Please consult our German anniversary website for all the activities and publications.

"Stimmen aus der Wissenschaft": a film for CEWS' anniversary

CEWS has asked actors from the fields of university management, gender research, and gender equality practices as well as diversity practice for their perspectives on gender equity in higher education. You can start the film (which is in German) by clicking on the arrow.

Laudatory Speech At High-Level Conference

The former president of the Leibniz Association Professor Matthias Kleiner gave a speech in honor of CEWS' 20th anniversary at the digital event “Impetus for Europe – equality-oriented structures and diversity in research”. The conference was organized by Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the German Council Presidency.

CEWS' Anniversary Publication

Our bilingual brochure on CEWS' 20th anniversary (1.22 MB) provides a condensed overview of its tasks, visions, current projects and services.

20 Years Of CEWS - Facts & Figures

How many third-party funded projects has CEWS acquired in the 20 years of its existence? How many people have subscribed to CEWSjournal? How far is Cologne Cathedral from CEWS' office in the GESIS building? Answers to these and other facts are provided by our infographic (485 kB).