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Center of Excellence Women and Science

Data And Information On Gender And Academia

Here you will find processed official data, research data and topical information. Three different focal points are available to researchers and practitioners:

First, the gender monitoring section with background information as well as processed statistical, administrative and survey data (statistics) on the gender relations of students and academic staff. The description of the content of the data and providing contextual and background information is the unique selling point .

Second, curated and contextualized data and information on current research areas (currently: gender-based and sexualized violence in higher education, gender bias, and family-friendly academia).

Third, the data collection "Gender Relations in Academia" (research data) within da | ra. Researchers can use the structured search to find and secondarily analyze data on gender and academia, as well as information on intersectional research data and the archiving of research data.

Gender Monitoring

Statistical data on gender relations in science and research 
Processed statistical data (administrative data and data from surveys).

Data and information on gender monitoring
Introduction, access to gender equality data, gender monitoring in practice and university rankings

Research Data

Curated data collection and information on research data