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Center of Excellence Women and Science

EvalHB – Evaluation of the gender policy of the University of Bremen

Project duration: 01.01.2023 - 30.09.2023

Project lead: Dr. Andrea Löther

Project team: Dr. Nina Steinweg, Kristin Poggenburg

Project descripion:

The evaluation examines the gender policy of the University of Bremen. The aim is to critically reflect on the field of action, to adapt structures and realign measures where necessary, and to use resources as effectively as possible for gender equality. The evaluation is designed as a formative evaluation. The focus lies on structures, processes, target groups and measures, and content-related and organizational links to the diversity strategy.

The evaluation combines a self-evaluation and an external evaluation. It includes a self-report of the university, individual and group interviews and an analysis of relevant documents. The results - with recommendations for action - are written up in an evaluation report and presented in a workshop.

Sponsored by:

University of Bremen