Center of Excellence Women and Science

Within the framework of the “International Day against Violence against Women”, CEWS would like to draw attention to its own projects and offers as well as initiatives and campaigns:

Orange the World: The color orange stands for ending gender-based violence.

UniSAFE: The research project that collects data on gender-based violence in universities and research institutions has made an “Awareness-raising Toolkit” freely available.

CEWS’ topical page "Gender-based and sexualized violence in higher education" provides resources on prevention and interventions, and points to position papers and guidelines for higher education institutions.

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About CEWS

CEWS Center of Excellence Women and Science is the national hub for the realization of gender equality in science and research in Germany. CEWS forms a bridge between gender equality research and practice. Throughout the 20 years of its existence, CEWS has been supporting evidence-based learning about inequalities and gender equality policies. 

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Read more about CEWS’ national and international projects:

UniSAFE - Gender-based violence and institutional responses: Building a knowledge base and operational tools to make universities and research organizations safe 

StaRQ - Standards, Guidelines and Quality Assurance for Gender Equality in Academia

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CEWS places a high priority on international networking in our field and we are always interested in new collaborations and joint projects in the field of gender equality in science and research. Please contact us for further information.

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CEWS’ mandate is to transfer knowledge and provide an evidence base for various topics related to gender inequalities and equality policies, including intersections of inequalities in science and research.

Our German website is an important tool for fulfilling this task. It serves as a platform for offering information services such as frequently updated, relevant news, statistics, various databases, and CEWS publications, all related to our main area of interest and our expertise.

Our English website is there to inform the international audience about CEWS and you can learn about the CEWS team, their expertise as well as about our current and past activities, projects and collaborations.