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New Release: HSR Special Issue "Agent-Based Modeling"

New Release:

Historical Social Research 43 (2018) 1
Special Issue - Dominik Klein, Johannes Marx & Kai Fischbach (Eds.): Agent-Based Modeling in Social Science, History, and Philosophy.

Agent-based modeling has become a common and well-established tool in the social sciences and certain humanities disciplines. Simply put, it affords a way to study a social, economic, historic, or political phenomenon by examining the iterated interactions of individuals that give rise to the phenomenon. These interactions are encoded and simulated within a computer program, allowing the modeler to analyze the influence of various parameters, test the coherence of proclaimed explanations and also discover new mechanisms. Encoding a simulation requires the modeler to specify all assumptions and mechanisms explicitly. Hence, the resulting scientific arguments tend to be precise about their underlying assumptions and their exact scope. [...]

HSR 43 (2018) 1