Phase 2: Finding and accessing data

Our data archive offers more than 6.500 national and international studies, all available for secondary analyses. All data available at GESIS can be found and ordered by using the search.

Search through more than 6.500 datasets:

Further information on popular survey data can be found here: 

Do you have questions about data access or are you looking for specific data? Our data service data service will help you.

Our Secure Data Center (SDC) in Cologne (research data) and our Safe Room in Mannheim (data from official statistics) grant the opportunity for use of disclosive data subject to special access requirements and restrictions, e.g. for reasons of data sensitivity.

GESIS also offers access to selected international data collections such as the EU Neighbourhood Barometer, European Election Studies (EES), and the Eurofound Surveys.

The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) contains data of post-election studies from about 40 countries, conducted since 1996 every five years. (more)

GESIS is a member of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR).

ICPSR is the world's largest collection of digital social science data. These data can be used for secondary research, instructional activities, and to write articles, papers, or theses. (More information)

We offer you the following overviews for various content topics and key data: