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Phase 1: Planning studies and collecting data

Our GESIS Experts advise and assist you on the collection of survey data and digital behavioral data, ensuring excellent data quality by taking advantage of all state-of-the-art survey research methods currently available. We help you to develop an adequate project design and to ensure the quality of conducting your survey. Our experience with methodologically complex survey programs in the national and international field is incorporated into our consulting and services for you.

We offer researchers individually tailored advice on their social science research projects.

We live Open Science - that's why we are happy to share our pooled knowledge with you. Here you will find extensive information on all aspects of current social science research.

We support you in optimising your questions and survey instruments through a range of services. In addition, the data from the GESIS pretest database are available to you.

We support you in researching and developing new items and scales for your research project.

We offer the drawing of (telephone) samples and complex samples for your research project.

With the GESIS Panel we offer you the opportunity to collect your own data within the framework of a probabilistic mixed-mode access panel.