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News from the Secure Data Center in Cologne – New added access points & co-chairing an international Network

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Thanks to the IDAN and SSHOC projects, the Secure Data Center in Cologne has now added access points to sensitive data from the IAB, CASD (France) and UK Data Service. Users are now able to access valuable datasets like business data from Germany and France, including the ‘Linked Employer-Employee Data of the IAB (LIAB)’ and ‘FARE : Annual structural statistics of companies from the ESANE scheme‘ datasets, and UK longitudinal and cohort studies like Understanding Society.

Furthermore, GESIS sensitive data is available via the Safe Room at the UK Data Service, with regular visits from researchers from the University of Oxford analysing CILS4EU and ALLBUS data.

Co-chairing the new International Secure Data Access Facilities Professionals Network

The Secure Data Center is co-Chairing the new International Secure Data Access Facilities Professionals Network, which brings together people working in secure data centers/trusted research environments across the world. Current membership from 25 organisations across 9 countries. The Network is open to different disciplines including: social sciences, health and humanities and is unique in discussing issues not only in relation to quantitative secure data but also options for making qualitative secure data available in the future. As the secure data landscape is fast-changing and continuously evolving, this Network provides a vital international platform to bring together Secure Data Facility professionals to share knowledge and collaborate on common challenges, specific and newly emerging issues and challenges.