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Open Access Online Journal "Measurement Instruments for the Social Sciences" changes publisher

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At the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2022, the time has finally come: The online journal "Measurement Instruments for the Social Sciences" will change its publisher. All legal and technical preparations for a move from BMC/Springer Nature to ZPID (Leibniz Institute of Psychology, Trier) have been completed. After the journal (Editor-in-Chief: Beatrice Rammstedt) had prevailed in an application process at ZPID for inclusion in the attractive PsychOpen Gold program, the move had to be prepared. Besides a change of platform (Open Journal System instead of Editorial Manager), new checklists and logos had to be created....

As a reward for the effort, any Article Processing Charges (APC) for authors will be dropped in the future! Thanks to the efforts of the Leibniz Association as sponsor of Open Science, both readers and authors of measurement instruments in the social sciences can look forward to this relief.

Springer had shown itself to be an experienced, viable partner for the founding phase of the journal; with the change comes new advantages and many degrees of freedom in dealing with the system and manuscript submissions. Manuscripts in process will - upon acceptance - continue to be published by Springer until the end of 2022; new submissions, on the other hand, will be made to ZPID as early as October 2022. Existing archives of the journal will remain accessible.