The GESIS services are self-explanatory and easy to find in a new research data cycle

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After extensive tests and interviews with a selection of our users from the social sciences, we have reorganized our range of services and adapted it to a streamlined, prototypical process of projects involving social science data. Research projects generally go through a process with several phases - the research data cycle. Each individual phase of this cycle requires specific know-how to achieve meaningful results. We have this know-how and offer you scientifically based services based on it.

With the simplified representation of a research data cycle, we make it easier for you to find and use our services.

  • In phase 1 Planning studies & collecting data  you will find all services required for an adequate project design and quality assurance during the data collection.
  • Phase 2 Finding & accessing data helps you to find suitable data for secondary analysis.
  • With the services in phase 3 Processing & analyzing data  we support you in the modification, linking and analysis of data..
  • In phase 4 Archiving & sharing you will find all repositories and services to archive, register and share your data and publications in the long term.

For each phase, we offer you advice and practical instructions.

We look forward to supporting you in your data projects and hope that you will discover many interesting offers new or rediscovered.