Gender Equality

The commitment to support gender equality is taken into account as guiding principle within all fields of function at GESIS. The implementation is the responsibility of all superiors.

As guiding principle and to fulfil further aims the approach of the gender mainstreaming is valid. According to this approach, the different interests and life situations of men and women

  • in its structure,
  • in the planning of processes and planning of work organisation,
  • in its results and products,
  • in communication and public work,
  • and in its regulation

have to be taken into account to realise the aim of gender equality effectively.

In its effort to support the equality of men and women at GESIS and to eliminate future discrimination according to gender, the leadership of the institute is supported by an equal opportunity commissioner. She is located close to the president of GESIS and takes part in the meetings of the leadership of the institution. The equal opportunity commissioner is part of all relevant processes and decisions that are relevant to human resources. 

Concrete arrangements for gender equality at GESIS

  • the regular development of a gender equality plan,
  • adoption of target quote appropriate to the cascade-model
  • the possibility to plan different ways of career,
  • the structured design for recruitment processes,
  • and the equality of part-time employees.