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2012 - 2015 Bachelor in Business Psychology, B.Sc.
2015 - 2019 Master in Intercultural Psychology, M.Sc.

09/2018 - 03/2020 Research in Questionnaire Design and Experimental Psychology at the University of Granada, Spain
05/2020 - 02/2021 Research at the Department of Social and Economic Cognition at the University of Cologne, Germany
Since 02/2021 working at GESIS (DRS, Social Surveys)
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ISSP (International Social Survey Programme)
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Research Interests:
- Satisficing Theory
- Data quality of open-ended answers
- Cognitive pretesting (esp. Web Probing)

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Working and discussion paper

Scholz, Evi, Dörte Naber, and Lisa Jäckel. 2023. International Social Survey Programme: ISSP 2019 Germany – Social Inequality V ; GESIS Report on the German Study. GESIS Papers 2023|02. Köln: GESIS - Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften. doi:


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Presentation at a conference

Naber, Dörte, M. Carmen Navarro, and Jose-Luis Padilla. 2023. "An Innovative Approach to the Measurement of Satisficing in Open-ended Questions from Web Probing." ESRA Conference Milano, 2023-07-18.

Naber, Dörte, and Evi Scholz. 2023. "What is Your Income and Who Lives in Your Household? Research Evidence from the German ISSP 2019-2023 on the Measurement of Income and Household Composition.." WAPOR Conference, Universität Salzburg, 2023-09-19.

Naber, Dörte, and Evi Scholz. 2022. "Fielding the German ISSP 2020 module as stand-alone survey during Covid-19 times: Adaptation from CASI to mail." WAPOR 75th annual conference. 75 Years of Worldwide Public Opinion Research , Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2022-11-11.

Naber, Dörte, and Jose-Luis Padilla. 2022. "Nonresponse-Related Quality Indicators of Web Probing Responses and Bias in Cross-Cultural Web Surveys." GOR 22, HTW Berlin, Berlin, 2022-09-08.

Naber, Dörte, Jose-Luis Padilla, and Katharina Meitinger. 2022. "Nonresponse-Related Quality Indicators of Web Probing Responses and Bias in Cross-Cultural Web Surveys." CSDI - 2022 International Workshop on Comparative Survey Design and Implementation Program, Paris, 2022-04-04.

Padilla, Jose-Luis, and Dörte Naber. 2021. "Integrating web probing qualitative evidence with quantitative data for extending question-and-answer models in cross-cultural survey research." RC33 Online conference 2021, 2021-09-07.

Padilla, Jose-Luis, Dörte Naber, Maria del Carmen Navarro-Gonzalez, and Katharina Meitinger. 2021. "Obtaining validity evidence of response processes to survey questions through an integrated Web Probing approach." ESRA 2021: 9th Conference of the European Survey Research Association, 2021-07-02.

Naber, Dörte, and Jose-Luis Padilla. 2021. "Quality Indicators of Web Probing responses and bias in cross-cultural web surveys." CSDI 2021: International Workshop on Comparative Survey Design and Implementation.


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Naber, Dörte. 2021. "Einführung in die Interkulturelle Sozialpsychologie." Universität zu Köln, Köln. WS2020/2021.