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Since May 2019       Senior researcher at GESIS Mannheim

04/2014-04/2019     Research assistant at the University of Trier (7.2018: PhD in Psychology)

10/2007-02/2014     Study of psychology at the University of Trier (Diploma)

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Publication and further development of ZIS - Open Access Repository for Social and Behavioral Science Measurement Instruments (German: Zusammenstellung sozialwissenschaftlicher Items und Skalen) (

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Diagnostics and test methods

Statistical modelling and data analysis of longitudinal data: static and dynamic models

Self-concept research in the educational context:

  •  Determinants of self-concepts and structural aspects of self-concepts
  •  (Academic) self-concepts in the educational context and their significance for the development of cognitive (e.g., knowledge, competences) and non-cognitive variables (e.g., interests, satisfaction, well-being) over the life course

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Journal article

Scherrer, V., F. Preckel, Isabelle Schmidt, and A. J. Elliot. 2020. "Development of achievement goals and their relation to academic interest and achievement in adolescence: A review of the literature and two longitudinal studies." Developmental Psychology. 56 (4): 795–814. doi:

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Preckel, F., Isabelle Schmidt, E. Stumpf, M. Motschenbacher, K. Vogl, and W. Schneider. 2017. "A test of the Reciprocal-Effects-Model of academic achievement and academic self-concept in regular classes and special classes for the gifted." Gifted Child Quarterly (61): 103-116. doi:

Preckel, F., Isabelle Schmidt, E. Stumpf, M. Motschenbacher, K. Vogl, V. Scherrer, and W. Schneider. 2017. "High ability grouping: Benefits for gifted students’ achievement development without costs in academic self-concept ." Child Development. doi:

Schmidt, Isabelle, M. Brunner, L. Keller, V. Scherrer, R. Wollschläger, T. G. Baudson, and F. Preckel. 2017. "Profile formation of academic self-concept in elementary school students in grades 1 to 4." PLoS ONE. doi:

Vogl, K., Isabelle Schmidt, and F. Preckel. 2017. "The role of academic ability indicators in Big-Fish-Little-Pond-Effect research: A comparison study." The Journal of Educational Research. doi:

Herrmann, J. R., Isabelle Schmidt, U. Kessels, and F. Preckel. 2015. "Big fish in big ponds: Contrast and assimilation effects on math and verbal self-concepts of students in within-school gifted tracks." British Journal of Educational Psychology (86,2): 222-240. doi:

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Contribution to edited volume

Schmidt, Isabelle, and Katrin A. Arens. 2019. "Reciprocal effects model." In Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences, edited by Virgil Zeigler-Hill, and Todd K. Shakelford, online first. Cham: Springer. doi:

Arens, Katrin A., and Isabelle Schmidt. 2018. "Multidimensional Self-Concept." In Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences , edited by V. Zeigler-Hill , and T. K. Shackelford, 1-5. Cham: Springer. doi:

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Other article

Schmidt, Isabelle, and Clemens Lechner. 2020. Documenting Measurement Instruments for the Social and Behavioral Sciences . GESIS - SurveyGuidelines. Mannheim, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences . doi:


Schmidt, Isabelle, and Martin Kersting. 2020. "The English-Language Version of the DIN SCREEN Checkliste 1, Version 3 (Kersting, 2018)."