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Julian Urban is research associate at GESIS. He completed his Bachelor`s (B.Sc.), and Master`s degree (M.Sc.) at Trier University (2017-2022). His minors were physiology and genetics for psychologists. His Bachelor`s thesis examined the generalizability of test potentiated new learning, while his Master`s thesis compared conventional and continuous norming methods for a real data example.
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Julian Urbans service task are related to the open access repository for measurement instruments CIS. To top


Julian Urban`s research interest are psychological methods as well as applied educational research. Besides psychometrics and other aspects of scales he is interested in casual inference. He applies these methods in the educational field by examine intelligence, socio-emotional skills and other constructs deceisive for education.

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Journal article

Pastötter, Bernhard, Julian Urban, Johannes Lötzer, and Christian Frings. 2022 (Forthcoming). "Retrieval practice enhances new learning but does not affect performance in subsequent arithmetic tasks." Journal of Cognition 5 (1): 1-14. doi: