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Senior Researcher, Team Scale Development and Documentation (2020–present)
Ph.D. in Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement from The Ohio State University (2015-2018)
M.S. in Statistics from the Ohio State University (2013-2015)
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Broadly, my main research interests are in categorical data analysis, latent variable modeling, and research methods. I like to use these methodologies to answer pressing research questions in the field of educational research.
Specifically, my current research interests are:

    Exploratory Data Analysis for Categorical Data
    Measurement Invariance
    Modeling Zero-Inflated Count Data
    Item Response Theory
    Latent Variable Modeling

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Journal article

Lechner, Clemens, Nivedita Bhaktha, Katharina Groskurth, and Matthias Bluemke. 2021. "Why ability point estimates can be pointless: A primer on using skill measures from large-scale assessments in secondary analyses." Measurement Instruments for the Social Sciences 3 (2). doi:

Sawyer, Brook E., Ann O’Connell, Nivedita Bhaktha, Laura M. Justice, Julie R. Santoro, and Anna Rhoad Drogalis. 2020. "Does teachers’ self-efficacy vary for different children?: A study of early childhood special educators." Topics in Early Childhood Special Education online first. doi:


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Conference contribution

Bhaktha, Nivedita. 2020. "Modeling Zero-Inflated Count Data. Presented at the Conference on Statistical Practice, Sacramento, California, USA." Conference on Statistical Practice.

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Contribution not at conference

Groskurth, Katharina, Nivedita Bhaktha, Matthias Bluemke, Clemens Lechner, and Thorsten Meiser. 2021. "Moving away from fixed cutoffs: What we gain from ROC analysis." Meeting of the working group on structural equation modeling, Online, 2021-03-18.