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Since 01.2019: Doctoral Researcher and Editorial Assistant, GESIS, Cologne, Germany
2016-18: M.A. Sociology, University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany
2009-2013: B.A. Sociology & B.A. Religious Studies, Bradley University, Peoria, USA To top



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Journal article

Bohrer, Bryan. 2022. "The abortion debate in American Christianity: church authority structures, denominational responses, and the stances of the affiliated." SN Social Sciences 2 (3): 24. doi:

Bohrer, Bryan, Maria-Therese Friehs, Peter Schmidt, and Stefan Weick. 2019. "Contacts between Natives and Migrants in Germany: Perceptions of the Native Population since 1980 and an Examination of the Contact Hypotheses." Social Inclusion 7 (4): 320-331. doi: