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2003 Master of Arts (M.A.) in Media and Communication at Ruhr-Universität Bochum; 2001-2011 event management, PR, online editorial work for cultural events in Dortmund;  2011-2018 online and social media analyst at a media and marketing intelligence provider in Cologne.

Since 2018 information manager at GESIS' CEWS (Center of Excellence Women and Science).

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Web-based knowledge transfer and research-based service about all topics related to gender equality and women in science and research. To top



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Steinweg, Nina, Lisa Roland, Kristin Poggenburg, Heike Strohmann, Wolfgang Otto, Christine Abraham, Theresa Schumacher, and Lucas Jungbluth. 2023. Bestandsaufnahme und Handlungsempfehlungen zur Qualitätssicherung von Gleichstellungsmaßnahmen in der Wissenschaft: Ergebnisse aus dem Projekt StaRQ. CEWSpublik 27.


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Contribution not at conference

Steinweg, Nina, and Christine Abraham. 2022. "CEWS – The data hub on gender equality in academia." Different aspects of the Gender Data Gap.