Public Attitudes to Welfare, Climate Change and Energy in the EU and Russia (PAWCER)


he goal of the PAWCER project is to conduct

comparative research on public attitudes to welfare, climate change and

energy, all of which are relevant to understanding conflict, identity,

and memory. Cross-national analyses of survey and contextual data will

be used to examine discrepancies and similarities, as well as diverging

and converging trends between public attitudes to these topics

The research will be based on the collection of

survey data and the analyses of both existing and new data sets. Data

will be collected through the European Social Survey. The ESS is an

academically driven biennial cross-national survey, measuring the

attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of diverse populations. It has

been awarded European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) status

in December 2013. PAWCER will allow Russia to join ESS Round 8, for

which fieldwork will start in September 2016.


2016-03-01 – 2018-06-30