TraininG towards a society of data-saVvy inforMation prOfessionals to enable open leadership INnovatio (MOVING)


The vision of the MOVING

project is to develop an innovative training platform that enables

people from all societal sectors (companies, universities, public

administration) to fundamentally improve their information literacy by

training how to use, choose, reflect and evaluate data/text mining

methods in connection with their daily research tasks. We believe that

an extensive distribution of this type of information literacy education

in the sense of a data-savvy information professional will have a

decisive impact on the innovative capacity of the European society. The

MOVING project will train people to cope with the large amount of

Internet-based information they are faced with as part of their daily

professional duties. We provide them technical support as well as social

advice to organise, filter and exploit these information in a more

efficient and sustainable way.


2016-04-01 – 2019-03-31