easy_social_sciences (in short: easy) is a transfer journal published once/twice a year by the GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences. easy’s “transfer mission” is in the tradition of its predecessor journal, ISIInformationsdienst Soziale Indikatoren, of which 65 issues were published between 1989 and 2020.

The journal easy stands for a strong interdisciplinary orientation: Social sciences will be addressed in their entire breadth, with a focus on empirical social research. Easy publishes quality-checked articles that are “easy understandable” – both inside and outside the scientific communities. In this way, we would like to promote the dialogue between social science communities and people outside the social sciences and the academic world. Therefore, in addition to social scientists, authors from other disciplines are very welcome to contribute. At the same time, easy pursues an international orientation and welcomes contributions in English as well as in German.

easy's special issues are devoted not only to social science data and methods but also to concrete and relevant social topics. Thus, the issues should be of interest beyond the (social) sciences to readers from politics, journalism, market research, and the general public. These can be, for example, interdisciplinary thematic issues in the context of relevant conferences or cooperations whose participants are interested in the transfer of their findings. However, the submission of individual contributions is also possible. These will be published very promptly on the website.

All contributions should circulate quickly and without barriers. Therefore, easy_social_sciences is published as an open access journal and each article is made permanently available with a digital object identifier (doi).