Transfer publications

Our transfer publications include the documentation of transfer activities at GESIS as well as Policy Briefs – short and easy-to-understand articles on results from our research project "Change through Crises? Solidarity and Desolidarisation in Germany and Europe" (Solikris).

Solikris: Veränderung durch Krisen? Solidarität und Entsolidarisierung in Deutschland und Europa (in German)


  • Weiß, J. & Tosun, J. (August 2021). Akzeptanz der Abstandsregeln in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie. Policy Brief #6. (647 kB) (647 kB)

  • Doose, H. & Reinl, A. (Juni 2021). Die EU in Zeiten von COVID-19 – Gemeinsam in eine solidarische(re) Zukunft?. Policy Brief #5 (625 kB) (625 kB).


  • Tosun, J., Weiß J. & Parth, A. (April 2020). Alltagserfahrungen mit Bürgerämtern und Demokratiezufriedenheit. Policy Brief #4. (489 kB) (489 kB)


  • Sanhueza Petrarca, C. & Horvath, S. (August 2019). Das Vertrauen in Parteien in europäischen Demokratien. Policy Brief #3 (602 kB) (602 kB).
  • Busch, K. B., Nezi, R. & Schäfer, P. (Juli 2019). Kulturelle und sozioökonomische Ängste gegenüber Zugewanderten in Deutschland. Policy Brief #2 (631 kB) (631 kB).


  • Reinl, A. & Huth, N. (November 2018). Politisches Vertrauen in Deutschland und Europa in Zeiten europaweiter Krisen. Policy Brief #1. (558 kB) (558 kB)

The journal Social Indicators Information Service – ISI is edited and published by GESIS. ISI is aimed equally at readers from science and practice. It is therefore a central publication of the GESIS Knowledge Transfer. Originally primarily a contribution to regular social reporting, today ISI reaches a broad readership from science, politics and society. The articles address problems and trends in welfare development as well as trends in social change. At the same time, ISI provides empirical material on current socio-political issues and debates. 

GESIS' knowledge transfer documentation since 2017/18 is available for download: