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Updated data on gender relations in academia

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How is the participation of women in academia and research developing? In 2022, 29% of rectors and presidents in Germany were women. The proportion of women in the highest professorships was 24 percent. Further current figures can be found in the CEWS website on statistical data on gender relations in academia (in German).

Gender-specific statistics are the basis for analyzing the situation of women in academia and research as well as for gender equality policy decisions and measures. Data is now available for many questions, but it is often difficult to find. The CEWS statistics information service offers quick access. The data provided by CEWS includes official, processed data from Destatis and Eurostat as well as special evaluations for the Joint Science Conference (GWK). Since 2019, CEWS has also been collecting gender-specific data on voting members of the (academic) senate and faculty heads at universities in Germany every three years.