CEWSjournal No. 126 published

Categories: GESIS-News

The focus topic of this issue is:

Launch of the new UniSAFE project at CEWS.

Dr. Anke Lipinsky introduces the EU research project launched in February. UniSAFE investigates factors of influence, forms and effects of gender-based violence in science and also takes a look at institutional responses. The aim of the European project is to build a knowledge base and develop operational tools to make universities and research institutions safer for students and employees.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the CEWS has published a film entitled "Stimmen aus der Wissenschaft". We asked actors from the fields of university management, gender research and gender equality and diversity practice to answer questions about the CEWS and gender equality in science. So we say "film off" at www.gesis.org/cews/cews-home/20-jahre-cews or on YouTube .

Also in this issue you will find the presentation of our new topic page: Gender monitoring at universities and research institutions as well as the just updated collection of material on the topic "COVID-19-Pandemie und Geschlecht" (as of 18.03.2021).

Please also note the interesting guest article by Lilian Langer (Faculty of Law, University of Hamburg) on the

Reporting stereotypical case descriptions in legal education. The S:TEREO project presented here was awarded the Equality Prize of the University Equal Opportunities Officers of the University of Hamburg in February 2021.

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