methods, data, analyses, Vol 13, No 2 (2019) published!

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This second issue of 2019 contains four research reports, two research notes and one methodological report, which mainly deal with sampling and measurement error issues. The issue starts with an editorial by the new editor-in-chief Melanie Revilla of the University of Pompeu Fabra, in which she discusses the positive development of the mda over the past year.

Nicole Watson and Mark Wooden from the University of Melbourne then answer the question: "Chasing Hard-to-Get Cases in Panel Surveys: Is it Worth it?" The second paper by Melanie Revilla, Mick P. Couper and Carlos Ochoa "Willingness of Online Panelists to Perform Additional Tasks" also deals with panel research. Peter Lynn from the University of Essex examines an interesting aspect of sampling practice by addressing the advantage and disadvantage of implicit stratification in population surveys. Finally, the last research report deals with an application of factorial surveys. This is followed by two shorter research notes on other aspects of survey research and a methodological report by Sonja Haug, Susanne Lochner and Dominik Huber on the very actual topic "Methodological Aspects of a Quantitative and Qualitative Survey of Asylum Seekers in Germany.

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Categories: GESIS-News