New blog post: Prof. Dr. Alexia Katsanidou in the "Crisis Interviews" series

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"The Environmental Crisis Exists" - Prof. Dr. Alexia Katsanidou in the Crisis Interviews series (originally published in Crisis Interviews, edited by Thomas Siurkus and Nicole Deitelhoff). A conversation about populism, the financial crisis, and the environmental crisis that exists "whether we see it or not, whether we define it as a crisis or not." [only in German]

12 interviews that present the diversity of crisis research. Thomas Siurkus invited researchers from the Leibniz Research Network "Crises in a Globalized World" to talk about their different perspectives on the concept of crisis and crisis research. Prof. Dr. Alexia Katsanidou, who heads the GESIS department "Data Archive for the Social Sciences (DAS)" and is Professor of Empirical Social Sciences at the University of Cologne, is one of the participants. With SoliKris and DominoES, Katsanidou leads two major research projects on "political crises" and "public opinion on environmental issues." In the Leibniz Research Network "Crises of a Globalized World" she is co-spokesperson of the working group Socio-Political Crises.