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Dr. Danica Radovanović serves as a senior researcher and service manager to the Guides to Digital Behavioral Data at the Digital Society Observatory team. Previously, she was the expert on COP (Child Online Protection) at the United Nations' (UN) ITU (International Telecommunication Union) agency, and she is the NURTURE project associate at the University of Oslo. Danica has worked for the UN of the FAO, and on digital inclusion in Global South projects and research at the Basic Internet Foundation, Norway.

She is a PhD Chevening Scholar, Oxford Internet Institute (University of Oxford), and a doctorate graduate from the Faculty of Technical Sciences (University of Novi Sad). Her work focuses on societal and technological aspects and impacts of digital transformation and technology on the society, digital literacy, education and AI, and online safety for children and youth.

Danica is the author and editor of the Springer book Digital Literacy and Inclusion: stories, platforms, communities, 2024.

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