Tanja Friedrich

Tanja Friedrich

Department Data Archive for the Social Sciences
Team Archive Operations

Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8

Phone:+49 (221) 47694-457
Fax:+49 (221) 47694-199


Tanja studied German philology and political science in Trier. She has since worked as a researcher in various projects involving digitisation, virtual research environments, and scientific communication. She also has a background in public relations and a degree in Librarianship. At GESIS Tanja is primarily engaged in questions of data reference, data indexing, and data retrieval. In particular she is working on the establishment of a data reference system for the social sciences in the context of da|ra, the registration agency for social and economic data. Tanja's research interests include information behaviour studies and data indexing.


  • da|raSearchNet (Development of an integrated search network for social and economic data; project funded by DFG)
  • Management and translation of the German version of the European Language Social Science Thesaurus (ELSST)
  • Development of concept and guidelines for subject indexing of survey data


  • Information behaviour and information practices of secondary users of survey data
  • Subject indexing of survey data

Contribution to edited volume

Friedrich, Tanja, and Pascal Siegers. 2016. "The Ofness and Aboutness of Survey Data: Improved Indexing of Social Science Questionnaires." In Analysis of Large and Complex Data, edited by A. Wilhelm, and H. Kestler, Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization, 629-638.

Friedrich, Tanja, and Andreas Oskar Kempf. 2014. "Making research data findable in digital libraries: a layered model for user-oriented indexing of survey data." In Proceedings of the 14th ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, 53-56.

Working and discussion paper

Friedrich, Tanja, Martina Engels, and Verena Nasshoven. 2014. Aufbau des da|ra-Datennachweissystems: Hintergründe, Herangehensweise und Lessons learned. GESIS-Technical Reports 2014/12. Köln: GESIS. http://www.gesis.org/fileadmin/upload/forschung/publikationen/gesis_reihen/gesis_methodenberichte/2014/TechnicalReport_2014-12.pdf.

Friedrich, Tanja. 2009. Webarchivierung an der National Library of Australia. http://www.bi-international.de/download/file/FA_Australien_2009_Friedrich.pdf.

Conference contribution

Siegers, Pascal, and Tanja Friedrich. 2014. "Improving precision and recall in study retrieval: A concept for thesaurus-based syntactic indexing." IASSIST 2014 - 40th Annual Conference "Aligning Data and Research Infrastructure", Toronto. http://www.library.yorku.ca/binaries/iassist2014/2F/2014_2F_Siegers.pptx.

Friedrich, Tanja, Brigitte Hausstein, and Daniel Hienert. 2014. "Introducing da|raSearchNet - the integrated data portal for the social sciences." IASSIST 2014: 40th Annual Conference "Aligning Data and Research Infrastructure", Toronto. http://www.library.yorku.ca/binaries/iassist2014/1C/2014_1C_Friedrich.pptx.

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