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Dr. Charmaine Voigt has been a research associate and project coordinator in the BMBF-funded research project “Wi4impact – Understanding the impact of knowledge in the context of digitization” since August 2022. Prior to that, she taught media practice for two years at the Institute for Language, Media and Music Studies at the University of Bonn. From 2018 to 2022, she was a research associate in the BMBF-funded “Competence Cluster for Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health” (nutriCARD) of the Universities of Halle-Wittenberg, Jena and Leipzig at the Institute of Communication and Media Science at the University of Leipzig. She completed her master's degree in Communication and Media Studies also at the Leipzig IfKMW. Prior to that, she completed her bachelor's degree in German and Communication Studies at the University of Erfurt.
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Charmaine Voigt works primarily in the field of science and higher education communication. She received her doctorate with her thesis "College Television. Practical media training in US and German higher education" at the University of Leipzig. Other research interests include nutrition communication, media ethics, as well as film and television studies.
Charmaine Voigt is a member of the German Association for Journalism and Communication Studies (DGPuK), the Society for Media Studies (GfM) and the Study Group Broadcasting and History (RuG). As Young Representative of the Temporary Working Group Journalism and Communication Education of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), she helps shape activities in the field of communication research on teaching and training methods.
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Journal article

Voigt, Charmaine. 2022. "College television at German higher education institutions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic." Studies in Communication Sciences 22 (3): 535-549. doi:

Voigt, Charmaine, and Tobias D. Höhn. 2021. "Nutrition-related coverage in German press. A content analysis of regional and national newspapers." Ernährungs Umschau 68 (7): 134-143. doi:

Voigt, Charmaine, and Tobias D. Höhn. 2019. "Attitudes and media usage behavior surrounding nutrition." Ernährungs Umschau 66 (6): 109-117. doi:

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Contribution to edited volume

Voigt, Charmaine, and Tobias D. Höhn. 2022. "Ernährungsbotschaften im #corona Diskurs auf Twitter." In Das Virus im Netz medialer Diskurse, edited by Angela Krewani, and Peter Zimmermann, 163-174. Springer Vieweg. doi:

Voigt, Charmaine, and Claudia Böttcher. 2022. "Zwischen Gesundheitsaufklärung und Absatzregulierung – Ernährung im DDR-Fernsehen am Beispiel HAPS." In Gesundheitskommunikation und Geschichte: Interdisziplinäre Perspektive, edited by Doreen Reifegerste, and Christian Sammer, 1-17. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft e.V.. doi:

Voigt, Charmaine. 2021. "TV Production in the Classroom: Challenges of Practical Learning within a Research-Oriented Graduate Program." In Trial and Error in Journalism and Communication Education: Innovation and Trends between Classroom and Industry, edited by Sandra Marinho, and Pilar Sanchez-Garcia, 169-186. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Voigt, Charmaine. 2012. "Senderoffene Web-TV-Plattformen: Chancen und Risiken der neuen Bewegtbild-Unterhaltung." In Von der Flimmerkiste zum IP-TV? Umbrüche und Zukunftsperspektiven des Mediums Fernsehen, edited by Florian Mundhenke, and Judith Kretzschmar, 193-204. Martin Meidenbauer Verlag.

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Voigt, Charmaine, and Freya Sukalla, ed. 2021. Risiken und Potenziale in der Gesundheitskommunikation: Beiträge zur Jahrestagung der DGPuK-Fachgruppe Gesundheitskommunikation 2020. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft e.V. . doi:


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Conference contribution

Voigt, Charmaine, Petya Eckler, and Andrea Tonner. 2023. "Are there any good foods in #healthyliving Instagram? A qualitative content analysis." "Communicating 'good' foods" 3rd Biennial Conference on Food & Communication, University Örebro, Schweden, 2023-09-14.

Voigt, Charmaine, and Birte Kuhle. 2023. "Kommunikation mit der Gesellschaft - Transferleistung von Wissenschaftspodcasts in der Kommunikationswissenschaft." 68. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft, Universität Bremen, 2023-05-20.

Voigt, Charmaine, and Birte Kuhle. 2023. "Mit Blogs und Podcasts Gesellschaftswissen schaffen Zwischenergebnisse zur Perspektive von Wissenschaftskommunikator:innen deutscher Hochschulen und außeruniversitärer Forschungseinrichtungen: Pitch & Postersession." Gesellschaftswissen schaffen. Chancen und Herausforderungen für Journalismus und Wissenschaftskommunikation im digitalen Zeitalter, Universität Passau, 2022-09-22.

Voigt, Charmaine, and Eva Maria Endres. 2023. "Values of good food in the context of the FOPL Nutri-Score in German online media. A discourse analysis." Communicating "good" foods. 3rd Biennial Conference on Food & Communication, University Örebro, Schweden, 2023-09-13.

Voigt, Charmaine, Bettina Storch, and Tobias D. Höhn. 2021. "Consumer Knowledge and Information Seeking Behavior on Cardio Protective Nutrition: A Representative CATI Survey in Germany." 2nd Biennial Conference on Food & Communication.

Voigt, Charmaine, Tobias D. Höhn, and Marcus Anhäuser. 2020. "Ernährung in den Medien: Vom Frauen- zum Querschnittsthema." Wissenschaftskommunikation und Kommunikationsgeschichte: Umbrüche, Transformationen, Universität Münster, 2020-02-07.

Voigt, Charmaine. 2017. "Music and Lyrics as a World-Building Engine in Baz Luhrmann’s Musical Drama Series „The Get Down“." Music Across Media. International Conference.