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Meet the Experts: Research Data Management and RDM-Training at GESIS

Zeitraum: 13:00
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Sebastian Netscher, Dr. Anja Perry


In recent years, the relevance of (research) data management (RDM) steadily increased. More and more funding agencies and publishers of academic journals now require systematic data management in the sense of Open Science and in accordance with the FAIR Data Principles. RDM-Training at GESIS was one of the first institutions addressing the professionalization of data management. Since 2013, we offer training, training materials, and guidelines as well as consultations on various topics of data management. In the context of social science (research) data, we pay special attention to research ethics and legal issues, support data producers in creating high-quality data and data documentation and promote data sharing for the purpose of re-use. In this session, Sebastian Netscher and Anja Perry will briefly introduce RDM-Training and our various activities, and outline data management in the social sciences and its challenges.

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