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Wissen wie Wissen wirkt im Kontext der Digitalisierung (Wi4impact)

Impact-Analyse von Wissenschaftsblogs und -podcasts deutscher Hochschulen, Universitäten und außeruniversitären Forschungsreinrichtungen


The project Wi4impact examines the influence of digitalization on knowledge transfer exemplified by the digital transfer media science blog and science podcast. Our focus is on the media’s transfer effect on networking and partnership structures between different actors, both inside and outside the academic community. This study seeks to answer the question of how, with what aims, and with what impact blogs and podcasts from German universities and non-university research institutions have supported and shaped knowledge transfer over the past 15-20 years. Using a mixed-methods design of status quo, impact, and performance analysis, we investigate the production, distribution, use, and user groups of 100 science blogs and 100 science podcasts. The project maps core mechanisms of the networking structure of knowledge transfer across various fields and examines their sustainability. The aim of the study is to determine performance indicators for successful knowledge transfer through digital media and to derive recommendations for science and research policy accordingly.


2022-08-01 – 2025-07-31


Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung