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Kompetenzzentrum Datenqualität in den Sozialwissenschaften (KODAQS)


The Competence Center for Data Quality in the Social Sciences (KODAQS) aims to support and communicate the quality-assured use of social science data as a place of learning, research and networking. In addition to the traditional survey or self-report data that is still predominantly used, digital behavioral data and links between these and other data (e.g. geodata) are also included. KODAQs are intended to sensitize researchers to data quality and train them in its determination. Offers will be created that allow the use, processing, analysis and linking of social science data in a transparent and replicable manner.

The planned offerings include (1) the Data Quality Academy, which uses digital and hybrid learning opportunities to teach researchers how to handle social science data in a quality-assured manner, (2) the Data Quality Toolbox, which offers analysis codes for calculating key quality indicators with accompanying learning and consulting opportunities, (3) the DataFests, in which what has been learned is applied to one's own research in the form of hackathons, and (4) guest stays at KODAQS, in which - in cooperation with KODAQS employees - one's own research questions are examined with a view to data quality. In addition, KODAQS works with national and international experts to further develop data quality indicators.


2023-11-15 – 2026-11-14


Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung NextGenerationEU


  • Universität Mannheim
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München LMU München