8th European User Conference for EU-Microdata

in Mannheim, Germany

Microdata from Eurostat


March 16-17, 2023

Organized by German Microdata Lab, GESIS, in cooperation with Eurostat

The 8th European User Conference for EU-Microdata provides an international forum for the exchange of research based on EU-SILC, EU-LFS, AES, CVTS; SES, CIS, EHIS and HBS data. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers working with EU-Microdata not only to encourage the discussion within the research community on both substantive and methodological issues, but also to offer researchers the opportunity to give feedback to Eurostat. The conference offers furthermore the possibility to discuss needs of the research community with Eurostat. Researchers of all disciplines who are interested in EU-LFS, EU-SILC and/or other European microdata disseminated by Eurostat are encouraged to participate.

Topics addressed at the 8th European User Conference included Covid-19, health, labour market, gender, poverty, innovation processes, environment and energy, and methods (see Abstracts and Programme).

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Astarita, Caterina; Cinzia Alcidi

Did the Covid-19 Pandemic impact Income Mobility and Distribution?

Abstract (148 kB)

Presentation (584 kB)

Gómez Jiménez,Ángel Luis

Sectoral Reallocation of Euro Area Employment after the Covid-19 Shock

Abstrac (2.24 MB)

Ferraretto, Valeria; Agnese Vitali and Francesco Billari

The Covid-19 Pandemic: A Brake or an Accelerator of the Decision to leave the Parental Home?

Abstract (82 kB)

Presentation (625 kB)

Taltavull de La Paz, Paloma; Francisco Juarez Tárraga and Norman Mora Eloisa

Housing Affordability and Household Health. Evidence From 28 EU Countries

Abstract (412 kB)

Presentation (2.25 MB)

Pesquera Alonso,Carlos; Dimitris Psarologos and Nikos Kapitsinis

Flexibilization Trends for Youth NEETS Across the Mediterranean Eu Regions

Abstract (193 kB)

Vilalta-Bufi, Montserrat and Vahagn Jerbashian

Working From Home in European Countries Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Abstract (395 kB)

Arias de la Torre,Jorge; Gemma Vilagut, Amy Ronaldson and Jordi Alonso

Metric properties of the 8-Item version of the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ8) in Europe

Abstract (188 kB)

Bermudez, Natalia and Sam Desiere

Shift Work in Europe: Ten Facts

Abstract (81 kB)

Presentation (2.20 MB)

Tarullo, Giulia and Sam Desiere

Short-Time Work or Unemployment? On the role of individual traits and job-related features during COVID-19

Abstract (111 kB)

Presentation (249 kB)

van den Bosch, Karel

People Living in Workless Households: Who Are They and Why Are They Workless?

Abstract (149 kB)

Schwarz, Anna; Petra Sauer and Johanna Hofbauer

New forms of self-employment: an attempt at classification

Abstract (110 kB)

Presentation (273 kB)

Ounnas, Alexandre

An Analysis of Industrial Relations and Gender Pay Gaps in European Member States

Abstract (118 kB)

Presentation (293 kB)

Silva, Mathias and Michel Lubrano

A Bayesian Approach To Regional Income Inequality in Europe Using EU-SILC Data

Abstract (115 kB)

Presentation (1.01 MB)

Valderrama, Laura and Patrik Gorse

How Vulnerable are European Households? Evidence from Microdata

Abstract (127 kB)

Presentation (820 kB)

Miklošovič,Tomáš and Daniel Gerbery

Low Wage Mobility in Central Europe

Abstract (297 kB)

Presentation (1.11 MB)

García Román, Joan and Ariane Ophir

Segregated Domestic Labor and Gender Inequality: A Cross-national Perspective

Abstract (362 kB)

Presentation (1.19 MB)

Altweck, Laura; Lina Schröder, Silke Schmidt and Samuel Tomczyk

Gender or Country? Analysing Determinants of Daily Time-Use and Psychosocial Health in Italy and Norway

Abstract (277 kB)

Presentation (4.55 MB)

Lammi-Taskula, Johanna; Merita Mesiäislehto, Johanna Närvi and Sanni Välimäki

Does Early Childhood Education Promote Parental Wellbeing?

Abstract (95 kB)

Presentation (545 kB)

Lanau, Alba; Elisenda Renteria and Maida Juni

Childcare Use Measures in Europe: Comparing Estimates Across Surveys

Abstract (34 kB)

Presentation (790 kB)

Vernerey, Oceane and Jimmy Lopez

Innovation Process: An Analysis On European Community Innovation Survey

Abstract (100 kB)

Presentation (826 kB)

Koutsouradis, George and Kostas Tsekouras

Innovation Efficiency in Heterogeneity Context: A Matter of Inputs and Outputs or Innovation Capabilities?

Abstract (199 kB)

Presentation (720 kB)

Zastempowski, Maciej

Drivers of Innovations with Environmental Benefits in Central and Eastern European Countries

Abstract (38 kB)

D'Attoma, Ida and Marco Ieva

A Firm-Level Composite Indicator of Eco-Innovation and its Link with Marketing Innovation in Placement

Abstract (93 kB)

Presentation (1.31 MB)

Fadejeva, Ludmila and Krista Kalberzina

Circumstances Defining the Inequality of Opportunity in Europe: What Trees Are Telling Us

Abstract (142 kB)

Presentation (513 kB)

Pforr, Klaus; Johanna Jung and Barbara Felderer

Describing the Socio-Demographic Structure of Social Transfers Across Europe with Regression Trees

Abstract (61 kB)

Presentation (1.26 MB)

Morina, Drini; Henning Lucas and Stefanie Heiden

Innovation Types and the Distribution of Turnover Growth Rates

Abstract (75 kB)

Presentation (878 kB)

Menyhert, Balint; Zsombor Cseres-Gergely, Slavica Zec and Benedetta Mina

The ABSPO Project - A New Absolute Measure for EU-Wide Poverty Analysis

Abstract (142 kB)

Presentation (1.85 MB)

Mysíková, Martina

Beyond Income Poverty: Subjective Poverty

Abstract (211 kB)

Presentation (624 kB)

Ilmakunnas, Ilari; Joonas Uotinen and Maria Vaalavuo

The Association Between Age and Subjective Economic Hardship Across the Income Distribution in Europe

Abstract (539 kB)

Presentation (0.91 MB)

Suppa, Nicolai

Multidimensional Poverty in Europe. A Longitudinal Perspective

Abstract (17.40 kB)

Presentation (454 kB)

Scasny, Milan and Matej Opatrny

The Inequality Aversion in the Europe: the absolute Equal-Sacrifice Approach

Abstract (186 kB)

Presentation (891 kB)

Brausewetter, Lars

Macroprudential Policies and Inequality in Europe

Abstract (431 kB)

Greskovics, Borbála and Márton Csillag

Minimum Income Benefit Non-Take-Up in Europe

Abstract (189 kB)

Menyhert, Balint

The Effects of Rising Energy and Consumer Prices on Household Finances

Abstract (122 kB)

Presentation (1.73 MB)

Unger, Nelly and Johanna Cludius

Facilitating Socially Just Carbon Pricing in the Eu. Identification of Vulnerable Groups

Abstract (111 kB)

Presentation (543 kB)

Wendler, Tobias; Malik Curuk and Rik Rozendaal

Climate Policy, Employment, and a Gender Bias

Abstract (2.60 MB)

Karpinska, Lilia and Sławomir Śmiech

Discovering the Energy Poverty Profile: 9 Most Distinctive Groups in 11 Countries of Central and Eastern Europe

Abstract (64 kB)

Presentation (698 kB)

Brülle, Jan

Preventing In-Work Poverty

Abstract (471 kB)

Presentation (1.02 MB)

Kutwa, Krzysztof; Marianna Zielenska and Anna Kiersztyn

The Odd one out or the Key Component? Low Work Intensity as Part of Multidimensional Poverty Measure in the EU.

Abstract (101 kB)

Presentation (571 kB)

Broberg, Nikolaj; Jerome Gonnot, Friedrich Poeschel and Martin Ruhs

The Role of Labour Market Institutions in Shaping Reliance On Migrant Labour in Essential Occupations

Abstract (117 kB)

Presentation (4.79 MB)

Männasoo, Kadri; Miina Hõbenael and Svetlana Ridala

Big language minority and small language majority: language skills and unemployment in Latvia

Abstract (138 kB)

Presentation (2.21 MB)

Andriopoulou, Eirini and Lefteris Tserkezis

Distributional aspects of fiscal consolidation: the case of Greece

Abstract (121 kB)

Presentation (3.64 MB)

Suárez-Arbesú,Claudia; Maria Rosalia Vicente-Cuervo and Ana Jesús López-Menéndez

Social Mobility and Intergenerational Transmission of Status in the European Union.

Abstract (14.27 kB)

Presentation (1.16 MB)

Gritti, Davide and Filippo Gioachin

Class-Origin Wealth Gaps in Comparative Perspective. Evidence From EU-SILC Data.

Abstract (186 kB)

Presentation (2.29 MB)

Kowalczyk-Rólczyńska, Patrycja and Tomasz Rólczyński

Factors Determining the Possession of Voluntary Retirement Savings By Households

Abstract (108 kB)

Presentation (611 kB)

Closing session - Eurostat what's new Presentation (0.91 MB)