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48.1 - Long-Term Processes in Human History

Special Issue– Long-Term Processes in Human History. (Johan Heilbron & Nico Wilterdink)
  • Stephen Mennell: Remembering Johan Goudsblom. [abstract]
  • Johan Goudsblom: Long-Term Processes in the History of Humanity. [abstract]
  • David Christian: The Trajectory of Human History. [abstract]
  • Nico Wilterdink: Goudsblom’s Law of Three Stages: The Global Spread of Socio-Cultural Traits in Human History. [abstract]
  • Nina Baur: Long-Term Processes as Obstacles Against the Fourth Ecological Transformation. Ecological Sustainability and the Spatial Arrangements of Food Markets. [abstract]
  • John R. McNeill: Bison, Elephants, and Sperm Whales: Keystone Species in the Industrial Revolution. [abstract]
  • Marina Fischer-Kowalski: On the Mutual Historical Dynamics of Societies’ Political Governance Systems and their Sources of Energy. The Approach of the Vienna School of Social Ecology. [abstract]
  • André Saramago: Dualism and Anti-Dualism in the Anthropocene: Process Sociology and Human/Nature Relations in the Great Evolution. [abstract]
  • Abram de Swaan: The Global Coordination Problem: Collective Action among Unequal States. [abstract]
  • Randall Collins: Sexual Revolutions and the Future of the Family. [abstract]
  • Johan Goudsblom: The Worm and the Clock: On the Genesis of a Global Time Regime. [abstract]