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48.3 - Collective Agency

Special Issue– The Emergence and Effects of Non-hierarchical Collective Agency. (Johannes Marx & Thomas Gehring)
  • Margaret Gilbert: Real Team Reasoning. [abstract]
  • Maximilian Noichl & Johannes Marx: Simulation of Group Agency – From Collective Intentions to Proto-Collective Actors. [abstract]
  • Leyla Ade & Olivier Roy: Team Reasoning from an Evolutionary Perspective: Categorization and Fitness. [abstract]
  • Thomas Gehring: International Organizations as Group Actors. How Institutional Procedures Create Organizational Independence without Delegation to Institutional Agents. [abstract]
  • Matthias Hofferberth & Daniel Lambach: Claims and Recognition: A Relational Approach to Agency in World Politics. [abstract]
  • Nathalie Behnke, Jonas Bernhard &Till Jürgens: Understanding Collective Agency in the Long-Term Perspective: A Historical Comparative Case Study of Local Government Associations in Germany and the United States. [abstract]
  • Elena Frech & Ulrich Sieberer: Coordination Committees and Legislative Agenda-Setting Power in 31 European Parliaments. [abstract]
  • David Beck, Yen-Chieh Liao & Thomas Saalfeld: The Role of Rituals in Adversarial Parliaments: An Analysis of Expressions of Collegiality in the British House of Commons. [abstract]
  • Elisabeth Donat & Barbara Mataloni: Perception of Collective Agency and Networks of Relations: The Case of Regional Parliaments in Four EU Member States. [abstract]
  • Thomas Kestler: How Imagination Takes Power. The Motivational Foundations of Collective Action in Social Movement Mobilization. [abstract]
  • Frank Meier: The Agency of Scientific Disciplines. [abstract]
  • Maike Albertzart: Being Jointly Obligated: A Reductive Account. [abstract]
  • Moritz A. Schulz: So What’s My Part? Collective Duties, Individual Contributions, and Distributive Justice. [abstract]