Historical Social Research

45.3 - Social Finance/Big Data

Special Issue – Social Finance, Impact Investing, and the Financialization of the Public Interest (Eve Chiapello & Lisa Knoll)
  • Eve Chiapello & Lisa Knoll: Social Finance and Impact Investing. Governing Welfare in the Era of Financialization. [Abstract]
  • Emily Barman: Many a Slip: The Challenge of Impact as Boundary Object in Social Finance. [Abstract]
  • Antoine Ducastel & Ward Anseeuw: Impact Investing in South Africa: Investing in Empowerment, Empowering Investors. [Abstract]
  • Serena Natile: Digital Finance Inclusion and the Mobile Money “Social” Enterprise: A Socio-Legal Critique of M-Pesa in Kenya. [Abstract]
  • Jacob Hellman:Feeling Good and Financing Impact: Affective Judgments as a Tool for Social Investing. [Abstract]
  • Théo Bourgeron: Constructing the Double Circulation of Capital and “Social Impact.” An Ethnographic Study of a French Impact Investment Fund. [Abstract]
  • Davide Caselli: Did You Say “Social Impact”? Welfare Transformations, Networks of Expertise, and the Financialization of Italian Welfare. [Abstract]
  • Leslie Huckfield: The Mythology of the Social Impact Bond. A Critical Assessment from a Concerned Observer. [Abstract]
  • Manuel Wirth: Nudging Subjects at Risk: Social Impact Bonds between Financialization and Compassion. [Abstract]
Forum – Challenges for Big Data Analysis. Data Quality and Data Analysis of Analogous and Digital Mass Data (Lilli Braunisch, Malte Schweia, Peter Graeff & Nina Baur)
  • Nina Baur, Peter Graeff, Lilli Braunisch & Malte Schweia: The Quality of Big Data. Development, Problems, and Possibilities of Use of Process-Generated Data in the Digital Age. [Abstract]
  • Peter Graeff & Nina Baur: Digital Data, Administrative Data, and Survey Compared: Updating the Classical Toolbox for Assessing Data Quality of Big Data, Exemplified by the Generation of Corruption Data. [Abstract]
  • Gertraud Koch & Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda: Source Criticism of Data Platform Logics on the Internet. [Abstract]
  • Martin Weichbold, Alexander Seymer, Wolfgang Aschauer & Thomas Herdin: Potential and Limits of Automated Classification of Big Data – A Case Study. [Abstract]
  • Rainer Diaz-Bone, Kenneth Horvath & Valeska Cappel: Social Research in Times of Big Data. The Challenges of New Data Worlds and the Need for a Sociology of Social Research. [Abstract]
  • Michael Weinhardt: Ethical Issues in the Use of Big Data for Social Research. [Abstract]

45.2 - Military and Welfare State

Special Issue –Military and Welfare State: Conscription, Military Interests, and Western Welfare States in the Age of Industrialized Mass Warfare (Herbert Obinger)
Mixed Issue

45.1 - Emotion, Authority, and National Character

Special Issue – Emotion, Authority, and National Character: Historical-Processual Perspectives (Helmut Kuzmics, Dieter Reicher & Jason Hughes)
The Middle East
East Central and Southeastern Europe
Western and Central Europe
Other Regions

Suppl. 32 - Celebrity's Histories

44.4 - Entrepreneurial Groups and Entrepreneurial Families

Special Issue – Entrepreneurial Groups and Entrepreneurial Families (Isabell Stamm, Allan Discua Cruz & Ludovic Cailluet)
Forum – Unification of Divided Systems (Woo-Young Lee & Eun-Jeung Lee)

44.3 - Islamicate Secularities in Past and Present

44.2 - Governing by Numbers

Special Issue – Governing by Numbers - Key Indicators and the Politics of Expectations (Walter Bartl, Christian Papilloud & Audrey Terracher-Lipinski)


44.1 - Markets, Organizations, and Law

Special Issue – Markets, Organizations, and Law –Perspectives of Convention Theory on Economic Practices and Structures


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