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31.2 - World and Global History

HSR Vol. 31 (2006) No. 2: Focus: Biographical Research

Gerhard Riemann (Ed.): Doing Biographical Research – A Joint Project Against the Backdrop of a Research Tradition

In recent years, global history has become one of the fastest growing sections of international historiography, mainly due to the interest from North American universities, but also followed by an increasing interest in other world regions. The first European Congress in World and Global History, held from September, 22 to 25, 2005 at the University of Leipzig, explored the field and tried to answer if there are specific European traditions and practices to write and research world history in a global age. This HSR Focus reports from the panels organised during this conference to give an impression of a first step towards a new way to think and to discuss about history on the European continent, but also to be in contact with scholars from Australia, the Americas, Asia and Africa.