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For Authors

The common publication form of the HSR includes the Special Issue and the Forum.

Special Issue: Collection of essays contributed by different authors on one topic and attended by guest editors. Since 2000 this has been the main publication form of the HSR (includes about 170-300 pages, if necessary up to 360 pages).

Forum: Smaller collection of essays (includes about 90-170 pages); alternatively an author’s monograph or contribution can be included (includes about 90-180 pages).

Individual articles can be published in the Mixed Issue section. Due to lack of space - as we mainly publish Special Issues - we are sometimes unable to accept single contributions. When considering submitting a manuscript, we would ask you to contact us.

Please take note of the HSR-Guidelines and Authors' Rights.

How can I submit my article?
The standard publication mode is a Special Issue, a collection of essays contributed by different authors on one topic. We are often unable to accept single contributions on top. If in doubt, please contact us.

Can I submit an article previously published elsewhere?
HSR accepts manuscripts only under the condition that the manuscripts have not been published elsewhere and are not submitted to other journals simultaneously.

How much does it cost to publish in HSR?
There are no costs for HSR authors.

Is there a HSR template and style file for preparing a journal article?
No, our editorial team at the HSR will take care of formatting your article. Please prepare your manuscript with as little formatting of your own as possible. The most important thing is to follow our Guidelines when preparing your article. 

Do I have to write my article in English?
Please note that HSR is a bilingual journal (German and English), but in terms of international visibility your article should generally be written in English if possible. 

Can HSR help me with an English translation of my article?
HSR can provide support for the translation of short passages such as abstracts, a title, or keywords. For the translation of the whole article we can assist you in finding appropriate translators. Please contact us us via: hsr[at]gesis[dot]org.

What is the difference between HSR Special Issue, HSR Forum, and HSR Mixed Issue?
The common publication forms of the HSR include the Special Issue and the Forum.
- Special Issue: Collection of essays contributed by different authors on one topic and attended by individual editors. Since 2000 this has been the main publication form of the HSR (includes about 170-300 pages, p.r.n. up to 360 pages).
- Forum: Smaller collection of essays (includes about 90-150 pages); alternatively an editor’s monograph or contribution can be included (150-180 pages).
- individual articles can be published in the Mixed Issue section.

What if I include copyrighted material in my article?
It is your responsibility to obtain permission to use any previously published and/or copyrighted material (e.g., photos). 

How can I access my article online after publication?
If your institution has subscribed to EbscoHost, you will have full-text access immediately. After a  short time (moving wall: zero) you will be able to access your paper via JSTOR. After 6 months, HSR articles are in open Access and filed in the Social Science Open Repository (SSOAR). You will find our full-text archive here.

What are my rights as an HSR author (for example copyright etc.)?
Please take note of the Authors' Rights.

How can I request permission to re-use material?
To use material printed in HSR, please contact us to get permission at us via: hsr-lizenzen[at]gesis[dot]org.

Are there any fees for the reuse of my article?
No, there are no costs for a reprint of your article. 

Can I post a copy of my article on the Internet?
Once the article is published in HSR you can post a copy of it on your institutional website or on academic-related portals like or as long as it is a non-commercial server (beware of the terms and conditions of commercial platforms as you might automatically relinquish the copyright by posting your article).
Appropriate credit to the HSR should be included, i.e., the copyright note as printed in the journal (© 20XX, name of the copyright holder). Furthermore, a link to the HSR homepage should always be included. You may post your article in a non-commercial repository of an institution to which you are affiliated. Please always refer to the final HSR published version of your article. You may either post the final HSR PDF version of your article or you may post the citation and the URL. Please also inform us of your upload. 

When can I post my article on the Internet?
As soon as it is published. Please try to avoid posting versions of your article before the official HSR version is published. The HSR team will send you a digital copy of your article as well as two hard copies of the entire issue. 

Can I republish my article in another print publication?
After a period of one year you re-obtain the right of use for your article and may republish your article in another book or article as long as you give appropriate credit to HSR (see above). 

Can I use my article for teaching purposes in my classes?
For academic, non-commercial teaching purpose you may provide copies of your article for your students. 

Can I provide copies of my article in print or electronic form to my colleagues?
For non-commercial and solely scholarly purpose you may hand out single copies of your article. 

What can I do to promote my article?
There are a number of opportunities to promote your article, for example:

  • Email signature: Use your email signature to tell people about your article.
  • Teaching: Reading recommendations - Add your article, or the complete HSR Special Issue, to your students' reading lists as essential reading.
  • Department website: Link the title of your paper directly to the official HSR Version on our website.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and co: Promote your article via these tools by linking to your paper on the official HSR Website or by using the doi, for example. Do not post your article directly as this would lead to copyright infringement.
  • Xing, LinkedIn, and co.: You can include your paper in the summary of your profile/ professional experience.
  •, Researchgate, MyNetReseach, and co.: You can upload your paper on your Profile; don't hesitate to follow HSR to reach out to people who work in the same area.
  • Discussion lists: Use the discussion lists you are affiliated with to post a short message introducing your new article.
  • Blogs: Use blogs you are writing yourself or that you follow.
  • Libraries: Does your library subscribe to the HSR? If not, recommend it to them (616 kB).

How can I get HSR in my library?
If you would like to recommend that your institution subscribes to HSR, you may use the PDF below to send it to your librarian: Library Recommendation Form (Click for PDF) (616 kB) (179 kB).