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HSR 47 (2022)

For 2022, the following issues are accessible:

  • HSR-Volume 47.4 (2022). Ruptures, Transformations, Continuities. Rethinking Infrastructures and Ecology.
  • HSR-Volume 47.3 (2022). Digital Transformation(s): On the Entanglement of Long-Term Processes and Digital Social Change.
  • HSR-Volume 47.2 (2022). Drifting Apart: The Dissociation of States from International Cooperation and its Consequences / Transforming Cities, Negotiating Centrality: Markets and Civic Buildings in Comparative Perspective (XVth c. – XXth c.).
  • HSR-Volume 47.1 (2022). Visibilities of Violence: Microscopic Studies of Violent Events and Beyond.