HSR Supplement 26

HSR Suppl. 26 (2014): Philip Jost Janssen (ed.): Historical Social Research: An International Journal for the Application of Formal Methods to History. Retrospective, 2004-2014.

Historical Social Research (HSR) is an international scientific journal for the application of formal methods in history – it has been published since 1976. The journal is highly acknowledged for its quality and relevance for the scientific community, and is therefore registered by various digital information services. Thus, the journal is, among others, to be found on SocINDEX with Full Text, JSTOR, and on the Social Science Citation Index.

With the journal being in its 40th year of existence, one could split the journal’s history into three phases: First, the constitutional period (1976-1988), then, second, the establishing period (1988-2000). The third period consists of the last 10-14 years. It may be characterized by processes of focusing, digitalization and internationalization, and it is this third period which is the subject of this Supplement. In a short overview, some developments with respect to the contents and some structural changes are highlighted; furthermore, some bibliometric analyses are presented. The second part of this issue presents brief information on all HSR Special Issues, Foci and Supplements from 2004 onwards. The third and most comprehensive part contains abstracts of all 671 HSR contributions from 2004 to 2014 inclusive and also an author index. In doing so, this Supplement provides a compact total picture of the journal’s history in the last 11 years.